Preserving the

Word of God


God's Ancient Library

Our mission   is to celebrate God’s Word by preserving and gifting beautiful Torah scrolls to schools that prepare Bible teachers for the future.

Once loved and studied in Jewish synagogues or homes, these pasul (no longer kosher) manuscripts are now cherished, studied, and shared by academic institutions with people around the world. In their new homes, these precious scrolls continue to touch lives and hearts. For years to come they will stand as testaments to God’s eternal Word.


Torah Recipients

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If I had to choose one thing to tell the story to a believer, a non-believer or a student—one thing that would tell the story of how the Bible was composed and preserved over time—I would choose a Torah.
— Scott Carroll, speaker, author and Torah expert
The Torah scroll embodies labor, love, knowledge, and craft of generations of scribes who painstakingly preserved the scriptures so that later generations would not only know their contents, but also be able to see in their lovely hand-written lines the beauty of the word of God.
— Lawson Stone, Chair of the Department of Old Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary
The scroll is a significant addition to our students’ understanding of both the language and history of the people of the Old Testament. We are a better university because of this amazing gift.
— Joe Stowell, President, Cornerstone University
We’re excited for the research opportunities the scroll will provide, allowing students, faculty, and anyone else who comes to study it to appreciate the scriptures in a new and powerful way. The scroll elicits a response. Students walk into a room and can’t help but be affected by it.
— Dennis Magary, Chair of the Old Testament and Semitic Languages Department, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Who We Are

Founded in 2013 , God's Ancient Library's mission is to help institutions of learning  receive the benefits of being able to study  ancient Torah scrolls first hand.

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Ken & Barb Larson

our founders

Ken and Barb Larson founded God’s Ancient Library, a collection of rare Torah scrolls from around the world. To date, they have given 40 Torahs to seminaries, museums, and other organizations for teaching, research, and public engagement.

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